Ready-to-run cartridge

No special installation is required. Make sure the cartridge is powered with for example a phone charger.
The first time you insert the cartridge into your printer it will be recognised as "Black - V2". This means that the universal cartridge is working and ready to be loaded with the resin profile of choice.

The correct insertion order:
1. Insert the cartridge in the printer.
2. Plug the usb adapter with cable into a mains socket.
3. Insert the cable in the cartridge.

It takes about 5 seconds before the cartridge is recognised by the printer


DIY Module

The module is installed on top of the resin cartridge and communication wires run on the sides of the cartridge.
It is possible that you have a cylindrical module which is originally meant to be inserted inside the cartridge.
However, it is more safe not to drill holes in the cartridge as this reduces risk of leakage for more aggressive resins.

An adapter is available to fit the cylindrical shaped module on top of a cartridge: Adapter V0.2.STL

The module is glued in the adapter and then fixed by glue or double sided tape to the square side of the cartridge top(opposite to the cap).
The wire can then be routed on the edge(see picture) to the bottom compartiment. Use a long piece of thin but wide tape to fix the wire in place.

Make sure that the module is mounted with the USB connection to the back of the Formlabs machine, this way it is possible to open the cover without having to disconnect the USB connector.