Universal Cartridge

Print in ‘closed mode’ with 3rd party resins without limitations.

The universal cartridge enables you to print with any third party resin in closed mode on your Form 2 printer using any of the Formlabs resin profiles. The cartridge enables all functions like the heater, wiper and auto refill. These functions increase part accuracy and quality.


Enable the wiper to reduce stick to the tank. This reduces tank wear and improves part accuracy. Resin stays mixed and consistent.


Resin is sensitive to temperature fluctuations which influences the cure rate. Enable the heater to improve printing accuracy.

Auto dispensing

Automatically dispense resin into the tank when needed. No more 100ml print limitations, no print line. and no babysitting


Resins offered by the manufacturer are expensive($180 per liter and up). There are several companies like Photocentric 3D, ApplyLabWork and 3DResyns offering high quality and special resins for much less(as low as $60 per liter). However, they can only print in the so called ‘open mode’, which disables the wiper, heater and auto filling of the resin tank.

Printing quality, accuracy and consistency is much higher when printing in closed mode and some resins can only be printed in this mode and will otherwise fail during printing. In ‘open mode’, the printer will pause after 100ml of resin use, this causes a line/defect in your print. As the resin tank is automatically topped up in ‘closed mode’, you can print as much resin as your model needs without babysitting.