How do I use the cartridge for the first time?
The first time you insert the cartridge into your printer it will be recognised as "Black - V2". This means that the universal cartridge is working and ready to be loaded with the resin profile of choice.

The correct insertion order:
1. Insert the cartridge in the printer.
2. Plug the usb adapter with cable into a mains socket.
3. Insert the cable in the cartridge.

My cartridge is not recognised by the printer
There can be several reasons for a cartridge not to be recognised. If you modified an empty cartridge yourself, first check the wiring.

The cartridge needs to be powered during use in the printer. This can be done with the supplied USB cable and a 5Volt USB power supply, like a phone charger.

My cartridge is not recognised by the computer
In this case you need to manually install the drivers for the cartridge. You can find them on our website.

How do I clean my cartridge after installing the module?
It is recommended not to switch the resin inside the cartridge often. If the cartridge does needs to be cleaned, make sure as much resin as possible is removed from the cartridge and do not leave IPA in the cartridge for longer than 2 minutes.

What is the reset limit? What to do if it is reached?
Each cartridge is limited to a certain amount of resets(This is usually 10 resets which equals about 20 liter of resin). You can find the limit in the configurator under "max". The cartridge cannot be reset when this limit has been reached. To increase the limit, send us an email with your cartridge ID. We will then reset your limit for the reduced price of a new module. No need to physically remove the module.

My question is not listed?
We're happy to help.
Please send us a message: info@protoart.net